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The UK is top for hosting solutions, UK companies are among some of the best in the world. Why? the Web Hosting IT Industry in the UK is firmly established and is often used in preference by both British and foreign businesses. It is possible to find many hosting solutions in the UK, from free UK hosting right up to premium prices. However in terms of finding a good value UK web hosting with an INNOVATIVE approach that is right for your business or organisation in the 21st century, then the field is limited. Vital Input are a unique winning combination: expertise in IT but also innovative and artistic staff. We combine latest multi-media techniques which help you engage with prospects or prospective clients. And there's more.. we offer, reliability, latest technology, customer support and overall professionalism.

Vital Input employs some innovative interactive tools that no-one in the World (as far as we know) is yet using.


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On September 23 2011 Vital Input revealed more of its core business activity: Online and public round table seminars for Corporate clients 'The aim is to start and establish friendly business between Europe, USA, Asia and China using exciting new interactive live conferencing and Public Domain Broadcasts connecting the globe East,West, North and South.' said Angel Luce, spokesperson for Vital Input, 'Our Media platform will make our clients more accessible and the medium means we can offer powerful interactive resources to Charitable and Educational organisations at greatly discounted rates.'



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Vital Input featured CHANNELS

november 2015 After a successful funding round, the Vital Input project has been rekindled. Vital HQ has moved to Dartmoor during 2015. We have reserved certain IP real estate during the last few months. The project remains, as ever, very community based. I hope to update the blog more often now. Thanks for 'tuning in'! Steve (Proj Manager)

august 06 2012 12.52GMT Update on VITALVISION: A gr8t deal of effort going on ''behind the scenes' to integrate TOTALLY compatible video into the Viital Input news feeds. We're determined to adhere to HTML5 design and also to use a proprietary concept for the 'player' our very own SpiceDevice. Now, having sussed how 'You Tube' have got 'round 'certain issues' we are running trials right now. Just as a hint of programming to come, take our HD RADIO BROADCASTS and imagine that in video format. We've held steadfast to our initial goals of creating a web presence which is truly MEDIA RICH where there are no boundaries between text, audio, video NOR usage by individuals, charities and businesses. Let's face it, if you going to thriving town, it has ALL these ingredients, does it not? This total cohesive and holistic integration concept is being tied together by a database now under development. Also, true to our first principles, it's a LivingBeta process (see the Net if interested), using mashup, crowdsource, with a great deal of Innovative design and Iteration. We strongly believe this is the ONLY way ALL communications mediums SHOULD BE designed. Thanks for 'tuning in'! Steve (Proj Manager)

july 20 2012 10.50 We've just acquired several Dolby A type361 with cat22 cards for various duties 'round the studios here - sound gr8t! Johnny

may 21 2012 21.10 No news here for a while - simply because we are overwhelmed! The HTML5 issues continue but main activity is now Media Production. lts of exciting stuff in the pipeline - keep the faith! Steve

may 21 2012 21.05 We've added the 'Band trailer jingle' and three new artists to the playlist. There are loads more coming - find out how you can participate 4 free here: Steve

april 23 2012 9.59 Technical mods to AMEK BC3 .... Johnny the ipod fan

april 23 2012 9.48 Update on VITALVISION: the launch hs been delayed due to compatibility issues. Now, we are developing a uniqueHTML5 compatible platform able to run on PC/Mac/Tablet/Mobile. We are trying to ditch all Flash content as soon as possible because of its inconsistency:> Steve

march 27 2012 9.22 Just arrived, Audio Developments broadcast limiter :> Steve

march 19 2012 10.45 All our time is spent on Media Production - using Premiere , Gimp and Vegas at the moment - Johnny

march 08 2012 10.40 We are uploading some new tracks this morning, then into the new studios to finish our new VITAL signature tune - yipee! - Johnny

feb 18 2012 1131 VERSION 12.5 now uploaded... pdfs with info & prices for corporate, sme, charity, personal and jobseekers coming next week :) Steve

feb 15 2012 1320 Sennheiser MD421 just arrived :) Steve

feb 07 2012 0920 Issues with some Chrome browsers. We have reports that some versions of Chrome are not fallig back to display images as Flash. All feedback would be appreciated - the page featuring the last version video player is:

thankyou for your help... Steve @ VITAL :)

feb 03 2012 10.20 Yipee a Panasonic Vision Mixer has just arrived :) multi-screen video LIVE conference is one step nearer... Steve :)

feb 02 2012 18.11 I.T Johnny here -cross-platform compatibility for video streaming still not entirely solved and now we have content to screen! We're trying to keep to HTML5 solutions.

jan 26 2012 11.21 I.T Johnny here - we've still got probs with video on CHROME. We're trying to do a fix which doesn't use Adobe Flash, because Adobe are intending no further support for Flash. Instead, we're concentrating on HTML5

jan 25 2012 08.15 Vocal Enhancer arrived this morning :) Steve

jan 24 2012 13.49 Vital Input has now moved to v12. This is the Content-Led phase. We note Chrome issues with VITALINPUTVISION and will later be uploading a HTML5 fix for this. HD quality audio uploads also imminent this afternoon.

jan 22 2012 11.09 Vital Input BROADCASTS has a redefined codec, we hope you'll hear the difference and HOPEFULLY later TODAY too!

jan 21 2012 13.40 After a lot of tech problems, we're now trialing our music production facility, and remastered something in 5.1 as a test. The new hardware is performing well :)

jan 21 2012 10.01 We're preparing an especially interesting CHANNEL for DECOY COUNTRY PARK - we went filming this weekend Johnny

jan 20 2012 10.09 We hope to have Media Rich Broadcasts back on line this PM... why don't you tune in.... Johnny

jan 20 2012 09.59 NOTE! Free CHANNELS offer finishes end January

jan 19 2012 10.10 New studio installations taking longer than expected. However, the good news, a video camera has just arrived :)

jan 18 2012 09.40 Father Christmas has visited again, this time with a DRAWMER DS201 - yipee, more cabling up... Johnny

jan 17 2012 12.33 from the voiceof the Techy, Johnny, at Vital: Building studios at VITAL is a bit surprising - 'we may unravel Secrets of the Universe' as we delve into ancient spaces in this VICTORIAN building!

jan 17 2012 10.59 GMT NOTE FROM STEVE: ni hao :) Free CHANNEL allocation STOPS at the end of this month. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

jan 17 2012 10.57 GMT Sorry broadcasts are down, especially as we've just got into vintage + techno Tango.... The streaming PC is currently 'on its back' having an operation. We should be back in operation TOMORROW.

jan 17 2012 9.09 GMT The Xeon 'super computer' has arrived from Charles Computers but they've not fitted the graphics card GROAN we've enough to do as it is :( HOWEVER we can't wait to fire it up. For any audio geeks out there, we're running in 96kHz Logic but hybrid i.e DSP + 'out of the box' using a modified AMEK BC3 console and tons of outboard. In our tech dept, we're currently fiddling around with mu pentode comp/lims, sorry, I digress!

jan 12 2012 10.05 GMT Broadcast mics have arrived from Thomann - great gear, great prices. we recommend them, and we're not being paid to say this either!

jan 11 2012 12.45 GMT After a lengthy meeting with made some big decisions regarding our large format DDA DCM232 - we're going to rebuild into a suite of 12 channel caddies. Decision follows identification of niche in OB of gigs (both audio + video) We've suddenly realised that in 2012 we'll have the technological capability to stream out live to 5000 Vital Input Media Rich radio listeners AND 1000 video watchers.... technology is amazing!

jan 09 2012 11.02 GMT Working on the Broadcast studios now. Thanks to the BBC we have acquired a superb Audio Developments AD149 broadcast console and thanks to the folk at AD for providing -at no charge- a REAL manual. Here's a free ad for you guys! Audio Developments - Design and Manufacturers of Professional Sound Mixers at

jan 05 2012 10.45 GMT Bingo! some great purchases from eBay including Penny & Giles DC16 and a Xeon 'super computer' to drive the new Surround Media Production suite

jan 03 2012 16.42 GMT Behind-the-scenes drivers for split-screen vision broadcasts on test today

nov28 2011 12.24 GMT HARDWARE ISSUES NOW RESOLVED, VitalInputVision trials debut with version 10 testcards onboard

nov16 2011 15.21 GMT VitalInputVision continues testcard - hardware issues being addressed

nov14 2011 15.41 GMT Pre-launch beta series v5 almost complete. VitalInputVision is on testcard on private server. Loading more channels... Enough!

nov07 2011 16.16 GMT Today we have load 14 more CHANNELS, also added page about us/copyright


nov01 2011 21.56GMT contact page added + major design updates

oct24 2011 14.22GMT Vital PHASE 5 Channels Integration commenced with PRESS RELEASE 24/11/2011

oct24 2011 09.22GMT Vital PHASE 4 brand logo introduction now complete

oct17 2011 10.22GMT Vital about to announce phase 4, program loading and channels integration

oct12 2011 21.19GMT Major beta update to v4.01

oct 11 2011 15.49 Now fifteen clients being uploaded and prepared for Vital Input Media Rich Broadcast

oct03 2011 10.09GMT Collecting programming material and audio interviews

sept23 2011 16.09GMT Vital Input beta broadcast testing phase 3... team add domain real estate, Angel Luce press release

sept22 2011 11.53GMT Vital Input beta broadcast testing phase 3... team working on translations & FAQ

sept19 2011 10.04GMT Vital Input beta broadcast testing phase 2... busy with videos at the moment

sept12 2011 10.29GMT Vital Input continues beta broadcast tests... today we are working on Chinese text, FAQ podcasts, new pages: community & corporate home pages

sept11 2011 6.08GMT Vital Input has added

sept08 2011 5.52GMT IMPORTANT INFO: Vital Input partnership have pledged a commitment to the Global Community by offering 50% of Media space for Charities, Associations and Social Enterprises at greatly reduced rates. 2011 5.47GMT Vital Input has added:

sept07 2011 9.51GMT Vital Input makes significant progress in project infrastructure - check back soon!

aug31 2011 9.13GMT Vital Input live broadcast programming now testing and online! A link will be onsite in a few days after initial beta tests are complete. This media offers huge potential for SMEs wishing to promote themselves in an innovative style.

29 2011 15.16GMT VI now setting up server for LIVE audio seminars

aug25 2011 12.14GMT designing Flash for Vital input i/face

aug24 2011 14.10GMT working on sound-track for: 'Vital Input in 21 seconds'

aug23 2011 12.35GMT mail address added to homepage

aug23 2011 10.06GMT video-shoot 'in 21 seconds' completed! now adding soundtrack/editing

aug22 2011 9.46GMT shooting video Vital Input in 21 seconds today

aug20 2011 5.55GMT Vital Input is currently in BETA

aug20 2011 5.05GMT setting up email account

aug19 2011 3.15GMT live streaming update


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Helps YOU get a Web presence that REALLY works. Vital Input helps you do just this!! part of the Spiral Media Productions Group spiralmediaproductions Group

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