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Vitalinput BLOG

We are a pretty new creative group - only got together in October 2019!

Our activities include music (of various styles)

This is the Blog of our journey.... Love to you all...

from Helen, june 2020 The truth is that by mid October 2019 I had reached the end of myself and twelve long, hard years of being single without so much as a kiss or romantic glance from anyone (that is, save my 91 year old friend who was very nice but old enough to be my great-grandfather!). Without going into the finer details of the journey to the moment where I wrote my best ever song: “Still waiting for Someone”, I have to say that it was a cry into the ether in the hope that the message would reach the right destination. It was a last attempt at “Where the heck are you because I can’t wait any longer…” and the rest of the story you can hear in the song… It’s my current belief, following the events that ensued during the 48 hours after writing the song, that music and sound is a carrier wave for intention and consciousness and when its intention is pure, it somehow sonically travels through the ether (like a prayer) and is heard by the intended listener(s). Call it a God incidence, a co-incidence, serendipity or sonic resonance, it happened. I met the person I’d been waiting to meet my whole life. From the moment we spoke on the phone for the first time I knew from the tone of his voice that it was right. I just didn’t know ‘how right’. I soon discovered just ‘how right’ when we found out that we both wrote songs, shared the same interests from music and sound to environmental issues and esoteric subjects that are not usually unpacked on the first meeting. Worth waiting for so hang in there ladies! Since October 2019 til now, the journey through each day has been like some kind of intense creative organic symphony of thoughts, emotions, dreams, songs and inventions that endlessly resonate in harmony with our new found life.

from Jonas, July 2020..... Here is a strange story indeed! Starting in 2009. Vitalinput was launched as a 'test' marketing tool - yes MARKETING! Remember, back then, it was doom and gloom because of the massive financial recession. Everybody was trying their best to pull through despite the dire situation (doesn't that sound familiar with Corona taking it's toll at present?) So, having run a Sound Engineering college and song writing business up to that point, I found myself languishing - like so many musicians - in a plethora of ideas and projects to pull through those dark days...

And now, since April, the real purpose for Vitalinput has been revealed, as a portal for the creative ventures of me and Helen! We met in October in the most unlikely of situations and discovered so much in common, in Life, Love, Beliefs and Skills. We have taken Vitalinput anew and we're turning it into a creative vessel for change AS YOU WILL DISCOVER...but not quite yet ;).... More to come >>>>

Hear and see our first piece of work here: PRESENT 1

Vitalinput - Present 1