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We, as founders of Vital Input, are working on a stack of new musical projects, but also we have been gradually becoming self-sufficient for some time. From backup energy systems through to growing food and backup stores of food, we're really making an effort to become independent.
So we've decided to share these experiences with others having the same sentiments. Many experiences we're offering for free, whilst others, which require our concerted input, are offered at fair prices. The planB NRGBasic has raised interest, see Press Release 1, video coming asap!
All the PRESS RELEASES will feature to the left and track our progress to independence and security.

The Corona situation has exacerbated the situation for us. We feel very uncertain about the way Governments are handling this... notice how many people are calling these 'weird times'? And they ARE weird, the figures don't add up -so many people think so- and meanwhile, common Liberty is being lost and indeed Common Sense, as Economies start to crumble.

We all need to look very carefully at what is 'going on'...

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